The Boxmasters release Providence, available only at!

Recorded in 2010 between the release of Modbilly (2009) and Somewhere Down The Road (2015), Providence is the first of what will become many album releases to come from The Boxmasters' extensive library of backlogged material.  

There are quite a few songs from Providence that The Boxmasters perform in their live shows, and many fans ask where they can find a copy for themselves. They can find them here, on the first website-only Boxmasters release available only through

While we didn't have a release between the release of "Modbilly" in 2009 and "Somewhere Down The Road" in 2015, we have always recorded constantly.  And we have always wondered what we are going to do with all of the material we have backlogged, because no label is going to release multiple records in a year.  So we decided the best thing to do would be to just make them available to our fans on our website.  "Providence" is the first that we will be offering.  It was an album we finished in 2010 and is one of our favorites.  We play several songs from it in our live show and often get asked "Where do we get those songs?"  So it was natural to make it our first release available on the website.  Look for more albums, e.p.'s and singles in the future.

- J.D. Andrew & Bud Thornton, September 13, 2015

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