The Boxmasters: somewhere down the road

The Boxmasters: somewhere down the road

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The Boxmasters double album, "somewhere down the road" featuring the hit single "What Did You Do Today?" available now on CD! Get an instant download of the album with every purchase.

Track list:

Disc 1

01: Sometime's There's a Reason for the Pain

02: You'll Be Lonely Tonight

03: This Game Is Over

04: Piece of the Sky

05: Dead Inside

06: Was That My Only Ride

07: Kathy Won't Share

08: A Thousand Miles Away

09: Love Is Real Tonight

10: Getting Past the Lullaby

11: Hallelujah

12: Somewhere Down The Road

Disc 2

01: Away, Away

02: What Did You Do Today

03: Young Man's Game

04: Always Lie

05: Don't Follow Me Down

06: Who Can I Tell

07: Wicked for an Angel

08: Why Don't You Come Down

09: Unknown

10: Somewhere