Welcome to the home for all things Boxmasters!  Here you'll find our store, tour dates and as much info as we can figure out how to add.  We are doing this ourselves, no fancy web designers here.  So please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see and we'll see if we can figure out how to do it!


Latest News

April 4, 2023


'69 is available for preorder now!  Save $10 on either CD of Vinyl.  There are 3 bonus tracks on the CD as well!  

We've still been writing new songs and recording as well as trying to get ready for the big '69 World Tour.  We're really looking forward to getting the word to announce the European dates, but soon!

Ok, so much to do!  More soon!




January 4, 2023

Wow, 2022 was a busy year!  We've written so many songs since the last tour that it's hard to remember the tour or the songs we've written except for the last couple!  But we're super proud of what we've been doing and excited to start getting ready for the "2023 '69 World Tour" and getting out in front of y'all.  We're excited to be seeing a lot of new venues on the schedule we've received so far, but also that a bunch of our favorite stops are on the list as well. 

Bud teased the European part of the tour in the Instagram video at Christmas and we'll get more info out about it as soon as we can.  Still a chance it won't happen but fingers are crossed!

Ok, back to figuring out how to make this website!